SIDIS is a global management and investment company focused on life science solutions ranging from genetic testing to bio-instrumentation and smarter medical devices.

Propel Labs

Fort Collins, CO


Cutting Edge Technologies Advancing Research

Propel Labs is a privately held biotechnology instrumentation company headquartered in Fort Collins, CO USA. Their experience and knowledge enables their team to design the next generation of bio-instrumentation tools. They focus on the customer by quickly delivering innovative products, enhancing their research to advance patient care. The company specializes in cutting edge custom flow cytometry solutions.


Louisville, KY


Today’s medical devices lag behind in technology, design and user experience. MobileMedTek is creating smarter devices with common sense features for today’s complex clinical environments.

MMT works directly with clinicians, researchers and technologists to develop smarter solutions.

MobileMedTek, integrates the latest in hardware, software and cloud-based computing to develop versatile mobile medical technologies with the goal of significantly improving patient care. MMT’s first product is the Electrotek, a fully integrated, clinical-grade, mobile electrophysiology test system used in the diagnosis of neurological disorders ranging from epilepsy to diabetic neuropathy through Electroencephalography (EEG), Electromyography (EMG), Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS), and Evoked Potential (EP) tests.


Louisville, KY

AdaptivEndo Logo with SIDIS black.png

an innovation in endoscopy that will provide better patient outcomes

Based in Louisville, KY, AdaptivEndo builds on years of experience of the company leaders to bring the innovative endoscopy platform to the healthcare market.

Surgical Energetics

Covington, KY


A new paradigm in tissue connection

Surgical Energetics LLC develops novel surgical products to repair tissue. We create revolutionary tissue coupling technology devices to heal difficult wounds that are not well served by ordinary fasteners such as sutures and staples.

The company seeks to:

  • Continuously identify unmet device-treatable needs in the closure of difficult wounds.

  • Identify potential solution-ideas to each need and analyze engineering feasibility.

  • Pursue a flexible strategy to optimize likelihood of clinical and commercial success of each promising solution, through either total in-house development, strategic partnerships, or sublicense.

Lens Factory

Louisville, KY

Lens Factory’s easy-to-use ecommerce website saves consumers time and money on replacement eyewear lenses

Lens Factory puts prescription lenses in your favorite eyeglass and sunglass frames. Their direct access to the labs that make prescription eyewear allows them to cut out the retail middleman and pass the savings on to you.

SIDIS Real Estate

United States

sidis real estate.jpg

Strategic Real Estate investments that are central hubs of innovation in the community.

SIDIS owns and manages properties in Fort Collins, CO, Covington, KY, and the newest 40,000SF building in the NuLu neighborhood of Louisville, KY. The properties serve as the headquarters for SIDIS Operating Companies in their respective areas, as well as the centers for entrepreneurship and innovation in their communities.