Founded in Colorado in 2004 as a private investment and management company, SIDIS is an acronym for “Spirited Individuals Delivering Innovative Solutions”.


The SIDIS concept is a result of company President and CEO, Nigel M. Ferrey’s work for over 30 years in senior management with a number of firms in Canada and the US that covered the spectrum from private start-ups to Fortune 500. Nigel’s evolved business philosophies and practices were successfully put to the test over the twelve years managing Cytomation from a virtual start-up to an exit that netted the shareholders $300M.

Nigel founded SIDIS as a carefully designed partnership to own and manage a number of start-up life science companies according to an established set of well-honed business principles.

What makes sidis different


SIDIS’ global network and decentralized structure enables entrepreneurs to function effectively from anywhere. SIDIS operations are located in the United States and the UK, with partners and strategic connections in Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and China.


Values at the core of SIDIS are Integrity, Passion, and Efficiency. A company is only as good as its people. SIDIS is fortunate to have assembled an accomplished group of dedicated individuals with exceptional backgrounds. A number of SIDIS’s management team have enjoyed decades of significant success together in other enterprises.


A cornerstone of the SIDIS philosophy is broad-based ownership. The ownership structure contributes to SIDIS having a rewarding culture committed to innovation, growth, and resultant shared profits. Proven team members become shareholders. SIDIS’s ability to address a broad range of activity, with a relatively small capital base, is made possible because many of the SIDIS principals have invested their own capital. In addition, the careful allocation of stock options, coupled with some equity in lieu of compensation, contributes to SIDIS being fiscally effective with a strongly committed staff.


SIDIS is focused on Life Sciences with operations in diverse areas ranging from bio-instrumentation, medical devices, and strategic real estate. The combination of businesses with different life cycles and risk profiles provides the SIDIS shareholder with a more balanced portfolio.


Best practices proven over the years are both taught and standardized throughout the company

  • Excellent communication - Communication is a focus at SIDIS. Training the SIDIS team to communicate effectively coupled with the use of appropriate communication technology is a definitive competitive advantage.

  • Wise use of money - the ability for a group to effectively use resources is key. SIDIS leaders are motivated to operate as real entrepreneurs, creating contracts and spending money as if it were their own; and indeed, because of their own holdings in SIDIS, it effectively is.

  • Standardized operations - There is a clear benefit in standardizing business practices across the SIDIS companies. SIDIS strives to create a competitive advantage by using best practices in all operations and not re-inventing the wheel in each company.